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L4 Engine Compressor

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[Kit Includes] [Compressor Kit Installed] [Cut-Away Compressor Model]
[ Kit Includes ] [Compressor Kit Installed] [Cut-Away Compressor Model]

- Character

  • Maximum Hose Power180kw(246PS) / 6800rpm
  • Maximum Torque262N・m(26.8kgf・m) / 5600rpm
    (The TOM'S-JAPAN measurements of the full option state)
  • It is largely reduced the machine resistance by the high rotational frequency by the adoption of the centrifuging-style supercharger unit. It realizes smooth, free and easy acceleration such as the normal aspiration.
  • TOM'S adopt exclusive setting ECU and decide an ignition timing or fuel adjustment and realize fine control.
  • TOM'S made main body of compressor / installation bracket piping / a computer a set and did it with a perfection bolt on kit to realize easy installation.


Product Parts Number Note
Hyper Compressor Kit
13600-TSE10 Centrifuging-style supercharger / Exclusive computer /
Exclusive V-belt / Exclusive oil cooler / Parts and piping for installation

- The renewal of the vehicle computer is necessary. Because it cannot move a vehicle for about 2 weeks during the renewal period, please understand it beforehand.
- In addition, the exchange of the following genuine consumption parts is necessary. Idle pulley(TOYOTA Genuine parts number No.16604-31010)x1pc / Hose(TOYOTA Genuine parts number No.12262-88570)x1pc / Clump(TOYOTA Genuine parts number No.90467-19019)x2pc

[ Other Attention ]
- It cannot use the air cleaner besides "TOM'S Super RAM2 Street" or a genuine exchange type.
- TOM'S recommend "TOM'S Barrel Muffler" for exhaust. We have no data to install with other companies muffler or air cleaner. Please be careful to an evil and the installing situation.
- It is impossible to use with “Side flame reinforcement brace (NO.57105-TSE11)

- Delivery schedule : This product is build-to-order manufacturing. Please refer for the metropolis degree on the appointed date of delivery.
- Reference Installation Time : 10.0h


Product Parts Number Note
Exhaust System TOM'S Barrel 17400-TSE10 Made by full stainless steel
Main pipe:60φ / Tail pipe 115φ
Super RAM 2 Street Air Cleaner 17801-TSP20 Genuine Air Filter exchange type

L4 Engine Compressor Application Chart

Vehicle車種車種 Model型式型式 Gradeグレードグレード Year年式年式 Engine Code エンジン型式エンジン型式 Application 適合適合 Product ID商品名商品名 Part Number 品番品番 Product Details商品内容商品内容 Reference Spec 参考スペック参考スペック Exclusive Engine Cover専用エンジンカバー設定専用エンジンカバー設定 Install Time(H) Install Time(H)Install Time(H)
ALTEZZA SXE10 RS200 1998.10~2001.5 3S-GE 5MT Hyper Compressor Kit For SXE10 13600-TSE10 Centrifuging-style supercharger / Exclusive computer /Exclusive V-belt /Exclusive oil cooler / Parts and piping for installation Maximum Hose Power180kw(246PS)/6800rpm Maximum Torque262N・m(26.8kgf・m)/5600rpm(The TOM'S-JAPAN measurements of the full option state) - 10.0