Personal Information

Your information is recorded into our notification system for those visiting our website or answering to a magazine advertisement and surveys.
All collected info will not be shared or distributed outside of what its original purpose was agreed to be.

Information collected may be offered and released to a third party if the conditions were within a necessary extent.

  1. Introducing information to new distributors.
  2. To authorized shipping companies for products, catalogs, and DM.
  3. To consultation companies that help increase product quality and service.
  4. Data organization companies when modifying our data management systems.
  5. To public organizations when dealing with human rights.

In Regards to the Web Site

  1. For website management purposes, the computer used to access this site may have its IP address recorded.
    This info is solely collected to adequately service, safely manage, and conduct the web site service and not used to in relation to your personal information in terms of distribution.
  2. The conditions on how the site was accessed may be recorded. However the conditions leading to the personal information will not be distributed.
  3. In order to protect our web site and the customers, an IP address may be used to identify an individual as a precaution.
  4. Cookies may be used to provide the highest service possible.
    Cookies are used to utilize web site contents in a convenient manner.
    Depending on your internet settings, submitting and accepting cookies can be set, as well as receiving a notice when cookies are about to be exchanged. Our website may become inaccessible depending on these settings.
  5. Links accessing other web sites may be present, please check and acknowledge their privacy policy before accessing.
  6. When accessing any web site, the viewer is responsible for all liabilities. We are not responsible for any private information being recorded and used for other purposes by clicking links pointing from or to our web site.

We reserve the right to revise the above stated policy. Any revisions will be indicated in this page.