TOM’S is a Racing and Car Parts designer/developer.
We would like to explain the types of work we do at TOM’S, an official tuning division of Toyota.


With the cooperation of Toyota and Toyota’s affiliated companies,our company contributes to the recognition of Toyota Motorsport.

In the same business, we use Toyota cars and engines to compete in various races,
both domestically and internationally, and by building on our peripheral technologies,
we aim to contribute to further developments at Motorsport.

At present, we compete as Team TOM’S in the SUPER GT, SUPER FORMULA and F3 categories. In 2017, among other achievements, our team also won the SUPER GT series championship.

Furthermore, as Team TOM’S, we have our own original uniform and cap,
and mini car versions of our racing cars,
which are currently being designed and sold.You can find all of these products in our online shop.

Car Parts

As an official tuning division of Toyota, and as a competitor in Motor Sports racing
categories such as SUPER GT, we are using our technical expertise to make
Toyota’s already high-performance cars even more so.
To that end, we design and sell high-performance, high status car parts.

As one of the companies directly involved in developing Toyota and Lexus cars,
we are committed to designing, developing and selling original parts which
form a stable supply, and with the cooperation of Toyota and Toyota’s affiliate companies,
our products are available to every dealer.

We are also currently expanding our online shop to ship our products overseas,
as well as domestically, and are working on a line of new products for the overseas market.

With both the quality and performance of our original products recognized by the world,
we hope to make them more available to overseas buyers in the future.


We do everything from the drawing up the blueprints to the manufacturing of the prototype of
our racing cars, developing our products both internally and externally.

Racing car research and development begins with making the best use of
racing know-how accumulated over the years, and other development aids,
including product design from all different kinds of fields,
manufacturing designs and prototype development,
to coordination management with other companies. Our company is
committed to creating the best products we possibly can.

We will also gladly undertake carbon composite product orders and other one-off development orders.

We hope to make use of TOM’S know-how into even more varied fields in the future.