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Front Rear
Front Rear

An improvement of +40% (25% rear) stiffness over stock, which sufficiently reduces roll for a stabilized cornering capability.

Stabilizer Application Chart

Vehicle車種車種 Model型式型式 Year年式年式 Application 適合適合 Product ID商品名商品名 Part Number 品番品番 Region 部位部位 Install Time(H) Install Time(H)Install Time(H) Notes備考備考
- - -~- Sports Stabilizer ALTEZZA(SXE10)Front 48810-TSE10 Front 1.0 An improvement of +40%stiffness over stock
- - -~- Sports Stabilizer ALTEZZA(SXE10)Rear 48830-TSE10 Rear 1.0 An improvement of +25%stiffness over stock

*1: Vehicles equipped with exhaust systems other than OEM or TOM'S Barrel Muffler may come in contact with the stabilizer.