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Carbon Short Pole Antenna

Carbon Short Pole Antenna

The direct replacement, stylish short pole antenna carries the same frequency strength as the factory unit. Replace the long factory unit with a sporty antenna made from real carbon materials.

- Specs /

  • Short type antenna made from real carbon fiber
  • TOM’S logo on 3 different locations
  • Includes three thread sizes 4/5/6mm and a rubber base
  • 15mm x 75mm overall length

* Product only applies to vehicles equipped with factory antenna poles.
* Works as an AM/FM antenna.
* Product may provide poor signal compared to factory antenna, depending on varying conditions.
* Product will not amplify cell phone signals.
* Product is same length as some original factory equipment.

Carbon Short Pole Antenna Application Chart

Vehicle車種車種 Model型式型式 Part Number 品番品番 Install Time(H) Install Time(H)Install Time(H)
- - 86309-TS001 0.1