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Tom′s Emblem

[Chrome Plate] [24 Gold Plate]
[Chrome Plate] [24 Gold Plate]

The Tom′s emblem is a high quality emblem that signifies the high standards of the Tom′s Complete Cars.

- Specs / ABS Resin 120mm x 30mm
- Application / All Toyota Vehicles

Emblem Application Chart

Product ID商品名商品名 Part Number 品番品番 Specs 仕様仕様 Install Time(H) Install Time(H)Install Time(H)
Tom′s Emblem 24 Gold Plate 08233-TS002 ABS Resin 120mm x 30mm 0.2
Tom′s Emblem Chrome Plate 08233-TS001 ABS Resin 120mm x 30mm 0.2