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Engine Oil

A high tech oil produced directly from feedback of sophisticated motorsports technology.

TOM'S Premium

TOM'S Premium
  • 100% chemically synthetic SM grade engine oil made for large displacement or super efficient modern engines.
  • SM grade rating means less frictional wear and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Provides anti-sludging, stability at high temperatures, resistant against oxidation, extended oil coating characteristics even under high stress and engine load. Prevents corrosion and frictional wear.
  • The versatile 5W-40 viscosity rating minimizes internal damage especially during cold start ups.

TOM'S Sports

TOM'S Sports
  • A sports engine oil that complies with API and SM standards. Provides fluidity at low temperatures and stability against high temperature oxidation.
  • The 5W-30 viscosity rating minimizes damage especially during cold start ups and provides protection in a wide range of varying conditions.

Oil Application Chart

Product ID商品名商品名 Part Number 品番品番 Notes備考備考
ENGINE OIL PROFESSIONAL 5W-30 4L 00410-TP530-04 【海外専売品】
TOM'S LUB PROFESSIONAL 0W-20 20L V9215-0032 ※トヨタディーラー専売品
TOM'S LUB PROFESSIONAL 5W-30 20L V9215-0033 ※トヨタディーラー専売品
TOM’S LUB PROFESSIONAL CVT 20L 00410-TLCVT-20 ※トヨタディーラー専売品
TOM’S LUB PROFESSIONAL ATF 20L 00410-TLATF-20 ※トヨタディーラー専売品
TOM’S LUB PROFESSIONAL SN 0W-16 20L V92150036 ※トヨタディーラー専売品