New product information Aero Parts for LEXUS LC500/500h(URZ100/GWZ100)


Please be advised that TOM’S newly launched Aero Parts for LEXUS LC500(URZ100) through our distributor / agent in your country from Feb. 2018. We would ask you to renew your same patronage for new products as for existing products.

■ Feature

Feed back the newest Super GT aerodynamics to the road car. Light weight and high rigidity dry carbon is adopted as material. A real aerodynamic device that demonstrated compatibility between downforce and low drag with circuit test.

【Front Diffuser】
【Side Diffuser】
【Rear Bumper Diffuser】
【Rear Bumper Side Diffuser】
【Exhaust Tip Ends : Titan】

Applicability chart

Product List Price Install time (H) Part No. JAN Code Applicable model Remarks Carton Box size/ weight
Front Diffuser ¥300,000 1.0 51410-TUZ10 4984310211515 LC500(URZ100) /LC500h(GWZ100) 2018.3〜 ●Material / CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), Clear/ Partly Black painted
●Made in Japan
Vehicle Length:approx.+30mm, Minimum Height:approx. -37mm
※For instllation, drilling work in OE plastic part is needed.
1920x650x280(㎜)/Approx. 5.0㎏
Side Diffuser ¥350,000 3.0 51082-TUZ10 4984310211522 ●Material / Carbon, clear coat painting
●Made in Japan
Minimum vehicle height:Approx. -20mm
※Hole-drilling work is needed for installation
1920x650x280(㎜)/Approx. 5.0㎏
Rear Bumper Diffuser ¥300,000 2.5 52159-TUZ10 4984310211539 ●Material / Carbon, clear coat painting
●Made in Japan
Minimum Height:approx. -35mm
※OE Rear bumper extension SUB ASSY CTR to be removed
※TOM’S Exhaust Tip Ends must be installed together
1660x250x420(㎜)/Approx. 4.0㎏
Rear Bumper Side Diffuser ¥100,000 1.5 52129-TUZ10 4984310211546 ●Material / Carbon, clear coat painting
●Made in Japan
Min. Vehicle heght0:Approx. -15mm
※Hole-drilling work into body is needed for installation
640x150x200(㎜)/Approx. 2㎏
Exhaust Tip Ends:Titan ¥150,000 1.0 17408-TUZ10 4984310044090 Stainless steel, Titanium Tail, Pipe 60φ,Tail 120φ Oval
●Made in Japan
※Cutting processing of genuine muffler is needed.
455×455×235(㎜)/Approx. 5.2㎏

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