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What's TOM'S

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Chairman Nobuhide Tachi

Founded in 1974, TOM'S mission was to put efforts towards expansion in motorsports and revitalize the motorization trade through the racing industry.
Through these hard economic times, we are truly blessed to be involved in motorsports racing and it is all made possible because of the generous grants from the Toyota Motor Corporation and our sponsors. Our deepest gratitude goes out for the munificent support granted upon us.

We are pleased that the consumers genuinely comprehend the company’s mentality and technology developed through the involvement in motorsports which is directly translated to the street vehicle.
The enormous passion and enthusiasm bestowed in creating TOM'S products will never change.

From the past and to the future, we will strive to continue bringing the best products that the dedicated Toyota enthusiasts would be completely pleased with.
Thank you very much, and we look forward to your ongoing support.

TOM'S Passion, Emotion, and Idealism can never be perished.

President Kiyoshi Oiwa

Performance, originality, and high quality are the primary perceptions that make up the identity of TOM'S.

It is believed that the company’s identity theory is solely reinforced by each and every staff member’s care towards commitment.
Without protecting and maintaining this great dedication, I strongly believe that we could not have achieved the top racing field of where we are today.
The involvement in motorsports has aided in the successful portrayal of the knowledge and technical skill applied to develop such products as the Advox suspension system. Countless motorsports personalities have vouched for and couldn’t believe that a suspension system can immensely improve a vehicle to this high of a level.

But all can be lost in an instant, so rather basking in the eulogies presented upon us, it is important to progress and move ahead. Keeping up with technology and becoming masters of the skills of the trade will lead to advancement of the company.

Thinking ahead, as well as aiming to maintain the title of the top tuners of Toyota vehicles is the key to success in the many generations to come.

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