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Sports suspension for 86(ZN6) after MC

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Product News


New product information
Sports suspension for 86(ZN6) after MC

Please be advised that TOM’S newly launched Sports suspension for 86 (ZN6) after MC through our distributor/ agent in your country from Feb. 2017.
We would ask you to renew your same patronage for new products as for existing products.

■ Feature

Vehicle height adjustable ‘Sports suspension kit’, which correspond various situation in downtown street, circuit course etc. with 40 stage dumping force adjustment mechanism. With adoption of length adjustment mechanism, this product realize lower gravity center keeping effective stroke.
Considering minor change model with better body stiffness, spring rate of this suspension kit is reviewed to be used for model after minor change.



■ Details

Product name :「Sports Suspension Kit」
Launching:Feb. 2017

■ Applicability chart

Part No.
List Price Dumping ForceN
Extention /Pressing ?
Spring rate
Model name Model year Model code Hight adjust
range (mm)
※std. vehicle hight base
Install time
Remarks JANCODE Carton Box sixe weight
TZN64 ¥170,000 F:920/360
(16 stage /40
(16 stage / 40 stage)
86 July2016 ZN6 F:0~-25
Recommended hight
4.5 OE upper mount to be used 4984310109744 W66×

※Vehicle height may change by grade・vehicle weight・individual difference (approx. ±15mm)
※Vehicle height down to be considered as reference.
※By vehicle height down, tire and wheel may interfere with fender/ wheel. Please be careful to adjust vehicle height to confirm no interference.
※There is a possibility that some vehicle cannot clear minimum vehicle height (90mm), which is defined by regulation. Please adjust vehicle height with confirmation for that.

Order can be placed for TOM’S Products by part ordering system ‘ai21’ for Toyota dealers in Japan.
You can contact for Product inquiry with the below TEL no.
TOM’S CO. LTD.  TEL:+81-3-3704-6191



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